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Sydney is Safe!

SydneyCalifornia GSP Rescue is notified daily about dogs in shelters from all over the state. Most of the emails aren’t German Shorthaired Pointers but other breeds or mixes. When we are able, we’ll make an effort to help the GSP Mixes as we find that sometimes they are the perfect dog for someone who is looking for GSP, but have doubts they can provide the exercise a purebred GSP will need.

When we received an email about Sydney asking for help, we were told that she was very sweet and was a favorite of the shelter volunteers. She had been at the shelter past the mandatory holding period for strays and with her re-evaluation date approaching, she was at risk of being euthanized. Wanting to help and certain we could find her a forever home, transportation is the next concern as the volunteers that normally help in this area were out of town on vacation.

Located several hours away from us, we expressed our concern to the shelter and a short time later they found someone that could help transport. The Adoption Coordinator was so impressed with Sydney’s disposition, and being so sweet, she agreed to help transport. We notified a few volunteers and found that Volunteer Vikki was available to meet the Adoption Coordinator Loma.

We greatly appreciate both Vikki and Loma for helping transport Sydney who we found to be just as sweet as we were told!

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