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Sydney is Safe!

Sydney GSP SafeEvery day California GSP Rescue receives a handful of emails about dogs in shelters. Many of the emails are notifying us about breeds other than German Shorthaired Pointers. While our mission is to help German Shorthaired Pointers,  from time to time we’ll receive an email about a GSP Mix. It was one of these emails we learned about Sydney. She was in a small shelter in the Central Valley that is overwhelmed with too many dogs needing homes and not enough adopters. We knew when we saw the first image of Sydney, she was a GSP Mix but she was a cute GSP Mix. We were certain we could save her and find her a home.

Next came the challenge of arranging the transport. The shelter was located several hours from Southern California where we are based. While we are fortunate to have many volunteers, none were available to make the trip to the shelter to help transport. Sydney caught a big break when she was able to be included on a prearranged transport to Los Angeles. A few emails later and we had a volunteer able to meet Sydney’s transport north of Los Angeles for the second leg of Sydney journey and a little closer to her forever home.

A big thanks to Volunteer David and shelter volunteer Angelica for helping transport Sydney – without their help as well as the help of the other volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to help dogs like Sydney.

While we do not have the resources to help every GSP “Mix” that we are notified about, we will help the ones we feel we can place. We know with limited resources, we have to be careful making commitments to help non GSPs or GSP Mixes. If you would like to help us by sponsoring Sydney, please feel free to make a small contribution below.  Watch our website for more about Sydney as we get to know her!

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