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Tag: cappy

Meet Cappy!

Cappy is an approximately 10 year old male liver GSP that acts like he is 5!  Poor guy was found as a stray in a field then taken
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Cappy is Safe!

Cappy and Holden look similar and, unfortunate, share similar stories. Cappy, like Holden, spent the last several days in a shelter. Unlike Holden, Cappy was picked up as
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Capulin (Cappy)

Capulin is an approximately 5 year old male GSP. He loves playing with the ball and going for walks. He has a lot of energy and will need
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Capulin is safe!

Capulin traveled several hundred miles this past Saturday to get one step closer to his forever home. His original family lost their home and, after Capulin kept escaping
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