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Take a hike…with your GSP!

roxy-on-hikeAlmost anytime of year is a good time to take a hike in Southern California. Why not take your GSP with you so you can both enjoy the outdoors. Ah, but where to start? Not all hikes are dog friendly so do a little research before heading out.  A great website to visit is an interactive website run by the LA Times of Southern California dog-friendly hikes.

A few ‘pointers’ before heading out. Both you and your dog will need plenty of water and snacks. It’s not a good idea for you or your dog to drink any water that you may come across while hiking. Consider the time of year, length of the hike, & the possibility you might get lost and spend several hours longer than you planned to complete the hike. Snacks for your dog could include kibble or a can of food. Pay attention to the weather report and avoid hiking in the heat of the day or in inclement weather. Be careful of critters.

It’s never a good idea to let your dog run loose in snake weather and make sure to check for ticks when you return. Are you and your dog in shape for the hike that you have chosen? You might want to stick with shorter hikes and build up to the longer hikes. Don’t forget elevation gain when choosing a trail.

Consider getting your dog a pack to help carry supplies. There isn’t anything wrong with having your dog carry their own water and snacks in a doggy pack. Pack out what you take in and have a good hike!


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