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Tex is Safe!

Tex_W600California GSP Rescue has been busy with an increased number of GSPs showing up at the shelters. A little more than a week ago, Kobe was rescued; last week both Hans and Henry were rescued; and yesterday Tex, the fourth GSP, was pulled and transported one step closer to his home. Tex came from a remote Humane Society that had taken Tex in as an owner relinquishment. They sent us an email asking if we could help and help we did!

Fortunately, Loma, a volunteer at the Humane Society, along with the help of the Humane Society Manager Dennis were to get Tex transported part way. Volunteer Sandy, who helped with a transport last week, was able to meet Dennis and complete the transport. On Monday, Tex found himself one step closer to his forever home.

California GSP Rescue is an all volunteer organization and our success depends on those who help support us. Whether it be by making a monetary donation or donating one time, we are grateful for those who give.

A big thanks to Dennis, Loma, and Sandy for giving their time and helping rescue Tex.

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