DonateHelp us raise the funds to help as many GSP's in our care as possible. Together, we can save them all.

Thank you for helping Team California GSP Rescue!

Stephanie Mariah Michael Amy Jeanne_DSC_0777w64In the past, when California GSP Rescue has encountered large Vet bills, we’ve asked for help and, thanks to our supporters, we’ve always met our fundraising goal. California GSP Rescue joined the Race for the Rescues in an attempt to raise funds prior to any medical emergencies or other financial obligations we might encounter while rescuing and placing GSPs. With the donations we received from the Race for the Rescue, we’ll be able to better manage the dogs in our care seeing they receive everything they need until we find their forever home. While we are thankful to the Team Members who helped by participating, we are grateful for those who participated by making donations.

There are a few sponsors that we would like to thank for committing early to donating for our efforts. These individuals gave us a boost before many of the team members had joined. Thank you to the following sponsors that helped kick start the drive toward our goal:

CAM Performance ProductsLLC-NanoN1
Laguna Pool & Supply
Don Kang, DVM College Pet Clinic

While the above individuals committed early to helping, the following individuals, either encouraged by Team Members or already knew of California GSP Rescue and wanted to help, donated generously helping us meet our goal:

Bonnie Mason
Sandra Yamano
Kristen Taylor
Skye Hardsick
Jill Sorkin
Nina Kelly
Deana Denlinger
Sabrina and Andy Stephan
Ginita Wall
Sharon Arnstein
Deborah Bicher
Lynn Grosslight
Nancy Shipley
Karen Basilotta
Neeraja Lockhart
Heller Chiropractic Spa
TCR Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine
Karen Shaw
Patricia Rollings
Frank Heller
John Hembree
James Weil
Barbara Heller
Tracy Landauer
Marta Maxwell
Rhonda Salazar
Barbara Lombrano
Cherie Dickey
Nancy Ritts
Patricia Pelachik
Paul Kimmel
Pat Zambell
Sheri Olshan
Marianne Masterson
Cathleen Orchard
Tom Bustos
Vic Salvino
Melissa Ortiz
Kari O’Bannon
Robyn Orloff
Marianne Kyle
Sheila Dent
Julie Dietrich
Denise Obermeyer
Pacific Gaming Services
Robin Graham
Martha Peak
Zoe Bannon
Greg Williams
First National Capital
Mr. Big Dog
Philip Gronnerud
Cheryl Donahue
Tom Schrey
Asher Mediation
Deby Estel
Coastal Patio Living
Lisa Schrey
Kelly Cardenas
Stephanie Acuna
Megan Johnson
Christy Schleyer
Kim More
Jana Rutt
Hillary Rozelle
Rosalyn Mullins
Elizabeth Boerger
Judy Tetley
Sarah Nixon
Mary Lena Kikta
Lauren Curley
Kathleen Benton
Sharon Knowles
Jim and Marlene O’Neal
Katie Harris
Betsy Fitzpatrick
Bill and Peggy Braamse
Kim Meyer
Cindy Meyer
Jennifer Hanson
Jeff Zifcak
Teresa Camarillo
Beverly Meyer
Sibet Alspaugh
Nancy Swanson
Andrea Van Pelt
Kathy Navarro
Steve Hamilton
Maria Conte
Allison Tong
Melissa Seyler
Susan Friedland
Mary Reid
Elyse Hamblen
Cheryl Hamilton
Jennifer Leitzinger
Colleen Mattheis
Eleanor Cullen
Teresa Taylor
Betty Latham
Deborah Lusth
Jeanine Burandt
Kerri Peschel
Carrie Fauset
Erin Chinchilla
Cathy McCann
Debra Esteves Kondo

While making her donation, one sponsor Bonnie Mason left a comment that sums up what California GSP Rescue is all about. Bonnie wrote,“To all CA GSP Rescue volunteers and donors… On behalf of Maggie (passed) and Ellie, thank you for all you do for CA GSP Rescue. Your contributions helped make it possible for Maggie and Ellie to come into our lives. We all have been truly blessed.”

While considerable effort was put forth in meeting our goal, California GSP Rescue’s success is measured in the number of GSPs we rescue and place as well as helping anyone with their GSP. Our success wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of theĀ  Team Members and our sponsors. A sincere thank you to everyone that contributed their time and money to help us reach our goal and make this a successful fundraiser.

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