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Thank you Team Members for helping us meet our goal!

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The Race for the Rescues was a huge success for California GSP Rescue. Thanks in large part to the many individuals that joined Team California GSP Rescue and helped us meet our goal. For anyone unfamiliar with California GSP Rescue, you are probably unaware that we’re an all volunteer organization dedicated to rescuing German Shorthaired Pointers. Much of our time and effort goes to making sure that the dogs we rescue go to forever homes.

Fortunately, there is a growing number of individuals that see the need for what we are doing and help in anyway that they are able. Many of our Team Members are former adopters that regularly volunteer at Saturday Morning Training while others might visit shelters or help transport dogs in need. Other volunteers help with the website, process applications, evaluate the dogs in our care, take dogs to the Vet, and anything else that needs to be done. What is important to know is that this isn’t possible without the help of individuals willing to join The Team. We would like to thank all those individuals that joined Team California GSP Rescue and help us meet our goal as well of awareness of GSP Rescue. Thank you!

Team California GSP Rescue Members:

Jeanne Miller – Team Captain
Matthew Laporte
Teri Hembree
Greg Williams
Lisa Schrey
Stephanie Acuna
Cindy Meyer
Andrea Van Pelt
Lindsay LaPorte
Amy Cullen
Mariah Griffith
Petra Clark
Victoria Radtke
Linda Cedertorn
Debra Esteves Kondo
Duncan Miller
David Dreiling
Kent Kondo
Michael Griffith
Heidi Rens
Jaya Wollenberger
Samantha Wollenberger
Louis Wollenberger
Heidi Francis
Scott Mc Canles
Deana Denlinger




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