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The REAL Dusty

Dusty came to our home almost a month ago, after being out of a home for quite awhile. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. He had little socialization skills, so with three dogs of our own, I expected a long period of adjustment. I also didn’t know if he was house trained, which was a little disarming because he’s 9 years old…and a boy.

For three days, we kept him apart from our pack and watched him constantly while he was inside. Then…we met the REAL Dusty!

Dusty now spends his days ‘checking out’ everything he can. He is an excellent listener too (only ‘checked out’ the kitchen counter twice!).  And, best of all he hasn’t had an accident in the house since the day after he arrived. ( That’s probably from  a combination of wanting to please and hanging out with his foster sisters.)

Dusty has not yet met a person he didn’t think was put on this planet to give some love and I’m not sure he’s ever met a stranger. He is a happy boy who loves life!

We are so lucky to have met the REAL Dusty!

The Miller’s — Jeanne, Duncan, Zulu, Zena, and Lily

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