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The Rock is safe!

The Rock spent Christmas and New Years Day at a Humane Society after being turned in because his owners were moving to an apartment and didn’t want to take him. A week ago, before things could get any worse, California GSP Rescue was asked to assist. The Humane Society was asking for a rather quick reply and commitment – which can be difficult before knowing if someone is available to pull and transport.

Fortunately, things just sort of fell into place for The Rock and California GSP Rescue. After a few calls were made and a few emails sent, plans were made to get The Rock to safety. It wouldn’t have been possible without the help of a few key players. Volunteer Fred was able to pick up The Rock once he was ready and Volunteer Victoria had made plans to visit a friend nearby and agreed to transport The Rock to California GSP Rescue.

A BIG thanks to Fred and Victoria for making a difference and getting The Rock one step closer to his forever home. Watch for more about him real soon!


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