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Three Dogs, Three Surgeries

Holly sugery dogs The past two weeks have been challenging at California GSP Rescue. First, our blind dog Lexi needed surgery to remove a growth which was irritating her eye. Next, Holly needed some mammary tumors removed. And then we were alerted to Pepper’s situation; a beautiful young GSP with a broken leg, who was in danger of being put to sleep because her owner couldn’t pay for the necessary surgery.

One surgery is challenging enough to pay for, but three! We took every one of these special GSPs, knowing they needed surgery, knowing they would need special foster homes, and knowing we could count on our very special supporters to help them out. The total of the three surgeries is just over $3500. Considering the lumps removed, biopsies needed, and extensive pinning and repair of a leg, it is a reasonable cost to give these three girls their lives back.

Lexi, our sweet, blind senior is already feeling great. She had a growth on her eyelid which clearly caused her discomfort – and contributed to eye infections. She also had some other bothersome growths on her nose, neck and side. All were removed. Although her coat looks a bit like a patch-work quilt right now, she is doing very well and enjoying her new foster mom and foster GSP brothers.

And then came Holly. She had several lumps as many adult GSPs do. A few mammary tumors, however, were cause for concern and needed to be removed. She came through the surgery like a trooper and we are waiting for the results of the biopsy. We are so hoping these are benign as this girl deserves an awesome life! The tumors must be the reason her former people gave her up – she is so sweet, there couldn’t have been any other.

And now, Pepper. Poor Pepper got stuck going over a fence and broke her rear leg. Her owners were notified when she was picked up by animal control, but couldn’t afford the surgery. It appeared the only option they had for Pepper was euthanasia – until California GSP Rescue stepped in. This was one of those not-a-minute-to-waste saves. If we were to have any chance of her keeping her leg, we’d have to get her and have the surgery done quickly. Thanks to our volunteers, she was picked up immediately, and had the surgery the next day. Its only been two days since her leg was pinned, but we are optimistic. Her foster dad will have quite a challenge keeping this energetic young GSP quiet though!

We hope you will consider and make a donation to help support our efforts in giving these three wonderful dogs a second chance! Any amount is greatly appreciated! Anyone making a donation of $100 or more will receive a special gift as a token of our appreciation for helping these wonderful dogs. Thank you for your continued support, allowing us to continue to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home GSP’s in need.

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