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Three Generations of GSP Adopters

3 Generations of GSPNot one, not two, but three generations of GSP Adopters!

Once upon a time, there was a couple that adopted a lively GSP named Ben from the California GSP Rescue. Dick and Vicki were living happily ever after with Ben – until that fateful day. Dick was at the vet’s office with Ben, just a routine check up -no worries, when a frantic and worried Good Samaritan brought in a frightened GSP. She had been hit by a car, but was still sweet and loving to all those present in the office. “I know someone who can help”, cried Dick, “the California GSP Rescue will come to her aid!” And they did!

With the help of Dick and Vicki, this little girl, now named Star, came to the rescue and got the care she needed for her injuries. But, with a shortage of foster homes, who would care for her while she recovered? Dick and Vicki to the rescue! Fast forward a little and, as you may have guessed, Star became a permanent member of their family!

But, the story does not end there. The next generation of this family РMelinda Рis also an adopter from California GSP Rescue. Having grown  up with GSPs, she knew an active, adult GSP would be the perfect match for her busy retriever, Dakota. Melinda gave Sophie, a 6 year old GSP, a forever home a few years ago, and we are always thrilled when they visit the rescue. Sophie may be a little more white in the face, but she still has that mischievous look and is still so active. Most importantly, Sophie is living happily-ever-after with Melinda!

And we’re still not at the end of this story! Melinda’s daughter Cassandra decided to continue this family’s legacy of adopting – and even better, adopting from California GSP Rescue! Earlier this year, we received an application mentioning the families previous adoptions. “Could it be”, exclaimed our volunteer, “that another generation of this family will rescue one of our pups?” A follow up phone call confirmed that, yes, this awesome family was again being – well – awesome! So, we set out to find the perfect match for Cassandra and her beau Steven. They came out to meet GSP mix, Banksy, and it was love at first sight.

We don’t intend to write an end to this story, as we’ve let Cassandra know she has a tradition to uphold. One day, when she has a family of her own, she will have to teach her children about GSP Rescue so that even more wonderful dogs can have a Happily Ever After!


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