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Tigger Is Adopted!

Tigger’s journey with us began when he found himself at a shelter several times due to the fact that he could scale an 8 foot fence. Yes, this boy is vertically unchallenged! The last time he wound up at the shelter, his owner decided not to come and get him, so we sent one of our volunteers to spring him from the shelter.

Shortly after Tigger arrived, we received an application from Katiana and Aaron who applied for an older GSP to accompany them on daily runs and adventures.  They also had the perfect home for a dog like Tigger, which could provide a secure environment, where he would not be able to escape and find himself back at a shelter. They were pretty much open to a dog at any age, as long as they would be a good fit for them and their 13 year old Shih Tzu named Brody.  We invited them all out for a meet and greet, and it couldn’t have gone better. Needless to say, Tigger found his forever home! 

We have received some wonderful updates since Katiana and Aaron took Tigger home. They had a couple of challenges with house training and leash pulling, but with training, patience and persistence, they have achieved much success, and Tigger is turning out to be an amazing dog!

“Good morning! Just wanted to send an update. Tigger (we call him Tigs for short) has been wonderful. He sleeps in his own dog bed right next to our bed and he sleeps through the night. He’s been eating twice a day (I’ve been mixing his old food and new food) and he waits patiently until I tell him it’s ok to start eating. I’m guessing you guys trained him to do that? He’s very good about it. And he’s been very respectful of Brody’s meal time and only comes into the kitchen when Brody is done eating which is AMAZING. Tigs loves his toys and his kong. We’ve had 3 accidents in the house but that’s our fault. We realized that he needs to go outside RIGHT AWAY after he’s been let out of his crate so now we’re ready with his leash and collar every time. Now there are no more accidents in the house!

He is so cuddly, and such a sweetheart! We are so obsessed with him! Our main concern we had about him barking, we haven’t heard him bark at all!

He’s been responding to the harness you recommended for the pulling, and he is doing much better. However, if he sees a bird or rabbit, all he wants to do is chase whatever it is, so we are working on that. 

Tigs is doing so well and he’s actually gotten used to coming to work with me at the vet clinic. If it’s busy, I have to put him in a kennel but if it’s slow he gets to run around the treatment area and play with his toys.

He is the perfect running partner! On my days off we’ve been doing lots of adventuring and exploring, and his new favorite place is dog beach. He loves running around chasing birds!. We’re still working on the pulling, but he’s getting better everyday! 

Tigs and Brody are getting along amazingly well, and he and Aaron’s parents dog, Triscuit have become pals.

Thank you all so much! We are all so happy”!

Thank you Katiana and Aaron for helping Tigger become his best self, and providing him with such a wonderful, loving and perfect home!

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