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Trooper is Adopted!

Trooper CAGSPRescue adopted California RescueNathan and Melissa adopted one of Cookies puppies last year from California GSP Rescue. Snickerdoodle, a GSP mix born at the rescue, is now named Kona. Kona has been a great dog, learning quite a bit in the past 8 months. She is getting plenty of exercise biking, hiking, and going to the beach with her family, but they felt she could use a doggy companion to help her get out her puppy-energy and to play with. They had been waiting for awhile for just the right GSP to come along – and then we got Trooper. He was a great match for little Kona and Nathan and Melissa decided to make him part of the family.

Not only are Melissa and Nathan impressed with Trooper’s personality. but Kona loves having a brother. It sounds like a perfect match in Nathan’s recent update, “Trooper has been simply amazing. He gets along with Kona great – He puts up with her incessant desire to always wanting to play. His temperament is perfect. We have had a lot of family over with toddlers and young children that chase him around the yard and he loves it.

I have been taking them on a lot of hikes and he does great on these as well – still working on pulling while on the leash but nothing crazy. We go to Fiesta Island off leash dog area at least twice a week to work on his recall / whistle training and we are making good progress. A couple times aggressive dogs have harassed him (unprovoked) but he simply moved on. He loves to have me throw a buoy out into the water and to swim out to retrieve it.┬áIn short we are very happy to have him apart of our family!”

Both California GSP Rescue, and Kona, are thrilled that Nathan and Melissa decided to adopt again!

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