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Truffles gets adopted!

Several weeks ago, Truffles found her forever home. Long time Volunteer Matt had has his eye on Truffles for quite awhile but finally found himself in a living situation where he could adopt.

Matt recently sent the following update,”She is doing very well and has become very comfortable in her new home. We go for a fifteen to twenty minute walk in the early morning and then run 2 to 3 miles in the afternoon prior to heading to the dog park (for fun) and training (for work). She is weighing in now at 44 lbs and is pure muscle. She is a little tank on the leash but when she is off leash she stays within 15 feet while we walk through the canyon and on our hikes and runs. She is still destroying my socks and her favorite food are large carrots. She and Brie and getting along very well and the two of them have bonded. She went on her first hunt roughly three weeks ago and we hauled in a couple of quail. Good times.”

We’re looking forward to receiving further updates on how Truffles is doing.

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