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Tucker An Amazing GSP Mix Is Adopted!

Tucker Dave Linda DSC_0161w64Like so many of the dogs surrendered to the Rescue, Tucker was a pretty normal GSP Mix  who needed a family that understood him, and the breed, a little better. Integrating a dog into your home takes time, patience, and often an understanding that a dog needs and wants someone to be his leader. This is true with a puppy or an adult. Luckily for Tucker, Dave and Linda came along. They understood that all good things take a little work, and Tucker was a good thing!!

As it turns out, Tucker has fit into their home fairly easily and they are enjoying having a dog around again. They’ve let us know that he loves to go places, loves the attention from those he meets on their adventures, won’t let his new “mom” go to the bathroom alone, and snores at night! Although they are definitely the leaders of this pack, Dave and Linda also tell us, “He has taken over the house….He brings his food dish and puts it by my feet when he wants to be fed . We are well trained.” Sounds like a typical GSP Mix in the right home!

If you would like to learn more about adopting one of our incredible GSP’s, please apply here.

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