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Turbo Is Safe!

Turbo is SafeTurbo is a young and very, repeat very, active German Shorthaired Pointer. Picked up by the shelter as a stray, we soon realized after rescuing him, he probably was lacking the attention and exercise he required.

As with most young GSPs, a walk around the block isn’t what they consider exercise, but more like a warmup. What did amaze all the volunteers was that no one was looking for this beautiful boy as the clocked ticked away at the shelter.

For five days, he sat at the shelter and waited for his owners who never appeared. Just as amazing, there wasn’t anyone looking to adopt him when he became available! Being in a kill shelter, when his five days were up, his hold was up, and he was no longer safe, and he could be euthanized at any time.

Fortunately, California GSP Rescue was notified about him shortly after the shelter picked him up, and we monitored him while he was in the shelter. When he became available, and no one was interested in adopting him, one of the volunteers from the rescue headed over to the shelter to save this amazing GSP.

Turbo exemplifies what we love about the breed. He is beautiful and energetic. While most people don’t seem to understand how much exercise a young energetic GSP needs, we’re confident we can find someone that does, and will give Turbo a forever home. We’re happy to announce Turbo is Safe, and we’ll be sharing more about him as we learn more.

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