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Ty Is Adopted!

tyAdoptionWe are very happy to announce that Ty is adopted! His new family Dita and Todor and canines Mattie, Bevin, Tilly (also known as Ty’s ‘seeing eye chihuahua’) are no strangers to GSP’s, as their son and daughter-in-law have adopted two from California GSP Rescue.

When they saw Ty on our website, they knew he was the GSP for them! Soon after they took Ty home, they let us know that Ty is home for good and we just loved hearing about all the great things they’ve learned about him and appreciate in their new boy.  We wanted to share them with you!

1.  He loves to be covered up when he goes to bed at night and during his afternoon naps.  If he’s really cold, he tries to cover himself up with the blanket.
2.  He’s a counter surfer – that pointer nose is always on call.  He’s working on the “OFF” command and doing well.
3.  He loves to cuddle on a bed – most recently with my 86 year-old Mom in her bed.
4.  He has a wonderful little howl when he hears me come home.
5.  He’s not a barker.
6.  He’s affectionate beyond belief but is not a licker/kisser.
7.  He’s absolutely wonderful around people of all ages.  Squealing grand kids to geriatrics in walkers, wheel-chairs or electric scooters.  He’s not phased.
8.  He is a sucker for treats and snacks and loves to hide his bones in the back yard, if only for Mattie to dig them up immediately.  I gave him a rawhide in the house and caught him on the couch trying to bury it in the corner of the cushion!  Solution:  smaller treats which he can consume instead of saving for later.
9.  He’s lost 7 pounds since you found him and we adopted him. He’s looking rather svelte 🙂
10. He enjoys riding in the car with the other pups and even hangs his nose out the window once in a while.
11. He loves sleeping in the sunshine.
12. He’s very playful outside in the yard and will play with Tilly and Mattie.  

Not only is Mr. Ty’s new family clearly enjoying him, they are also making sure he gets what he needs to keep him comfortable, safe, and happy – we couldn’t ask for anything more!

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