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Ty is Safe!

image1Ty’s journey to the California GSP Rescue began with a phone call, telling his rescuer that a dog had been tied to her fence overnight! She immediately went out to check, only to find a sweet, older GSP had been “given” to her.¬†After several hours of walking and driving through her neighborhood to try and find the owner, she reached out to the local shelter to see if someone was looking for this sweetheart – she saw what a love he was and couldn’t believe that somebody would just dump him. She also reached out to the rescue to help place him, as one of her own pack wasn’t overly accepting of the newcomer. Animal Control felt he should come to them first, in case an owner came forward, and Ty’s new guardian angel brought him to the shelter and also made sure we knew where he was. Of course, we monitored him and our volunteer was there, literally, the minute he became available to leave.

Our volunteer was able to keep him a few days until he went to his foster home, and her daughter decided the name Ty (short for Tiresias, who was a blind prophet in Greek mythology) might be appropriate. Ty’s eyes are quite cloudy and he does seem to have limited vision, so this seemed like a good choice. His vision doesn’t stop him from knowing when the refrigerator door is opened, however, and some extra exercise and a better diet are going to be on the agenda!

Ty will be visiting the rescue’s vet to see if anything can be done about his eyes and to double-check that the lumps are just ordinary GSP lumps. So far, he is doing fabulously with his new pack, is quite affectionate, and he will be receiving some well-deserved TLC. He is whining a little at the gate, no doubt wondering where his people went, but he will soon be with a new family – one that wouldn’t let him go for the world! Many thanks to his Guardian Angel and Volunteers Lisa and Andrea for making sure he found his way here.

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