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Ulia is Safe!

Ulia_A458377Around the Holiday Season, we see an increase in the number of dogs needing to be rescued. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same about their dogs. Instead of including them in their holiday activities, some families find it easier to relinquish their dogs to the shelters or just don’t go bother to claim them if they go missing. Ulia may fall into the later category but was fortunate to have a good Samaritan looking out for her. When Ulia found herself at a local high kill shelter earlier this month, Olena, a concerned individual saw her and knew she couldn’t let this sweet girl spend another night in the shelter.  However, once Oleana had Ulia out of the shelter, she knew that the best place for her was California GSP Rescue where she would find a suitable adopter. A family that could provide the love, attention, and exercise necessary for a happy GSP. So, shortly after Ulia left the shelter, Olena made arrangements to meet a CA GSP Rescue Volunteer and get Ulia one step closer to her forever home.

We would like to take a moment and point out that Olena isn’t alone in not being able to witness some of last year’s Christmas presents spend this Christmas in a shelter. The newness as well as the cuteness of the puppies given as gifts this Christmas wears off well before Spring arrives. In some cases, families may have already discovered that they have made a mistake by the middle of January as items are chewed and unexpected accidents have occurred when someone forgot that puppies need to be let out frequently to relieve themselves. The children that once promised they would feed and care for the puppy have since lost interest and now are being entertained by something less demanding.

Some of these once cherished gifts will find their way to the shelter where only a percentage will be adopted. If you have the opportunity to help educate someone about how animals do not make good gifts, please do. You might just be saving a dog from spending their last remaining days in a cold shelter next Christmas.

Thank you, Olena, for helping save Ulia.

Learn more about Ulia here.

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