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Update on Buddy Rudy

Buddy Rudy CindyThings finally seem to be looking up for our beautiful Buddy Rudy.  The incision from his surgery for the abscess seems to be healing quite nicely and he is getting back to his old self. He is eager to hunt and looking forward to visits from the volunteers again. Thankfully, his appetite has returned as well and he is putting on some much needed weight.

Our founder, Jan, has been monitoring his condition carefully, adjusting medications as needed, and cooking for Buddy Rudy to try to get him interested in eating. As she’s done so many times before, she is tireless in her care and advocacy for Buddy Rudy; bandaging, making trips to the vet, researching optional treatments, and more.

We also have some good news on the Foster front! We have a family who is willing and able to take Buddy Rudy into their home to live with their two adopted GSPs. We hope to have his dogs meet Buddy shortly and, if all goes well, he will be able to check out his new home in a couple of weeks. There, we hope his adjustment to new medications will also lead to a remission in his condition. However, we at least know he will be happy, comfortable, and loved all day, every day.

We invite you to watch the recent video update for Buddy Rudy

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