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Update on Buster – 2nd and 3rd weeks

Since we were late publishing an update on Buster for the second week, we’ve combined the second and third updates. Dr Kang is impressed with how fast Buster’s wounds are healing and thinks after the fourth week he might not need the bandage on his left rear leg changed daily. It will probably be another week, at least, for the right leg. Whether or not he’ll need additional orthopedic surgery is still up in the air and Dr Kang feels he can be assessed after his wound are healed and the risk of infection is reduced.

Pictured is Dr Kang being assisted by Amanda and Dante. Changing Buster’s bandages has been a three person job (for Dr Kang and Buster’s Foster Family) up until this past week.

We at California GSP Rescue would like to express our gratitude to Dr Kang and his staff for their assistance with Buster.

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