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Update on Buster – 4th week

Earlier this week, one month after being rescued, Buster made his 5th visit to be examined by Dr Kang.

After examining Buster’s wounds, Dr Kang was impressed with the progress and said it would be OK to not bandage the left leg (pictured). He advised that the right leg will still need the bandage and dressing changed daily for at least another week. His left leg would only need the bandaging if he starts to lick the wound and inhibit further healing.

Buster has been very good the week prior to his latest check up not working at his bandages and has been cone-free. Prior to that he had short periods of time when he was supervised that he was allowed to be cone-free. He spends most of his days laying around on his dog bed in the office of his foster family. He now has the freedom to go outside to do his business or get a drink of water without having the door opened for him. While he seems to enjoy this new freedom, he tends to stay on his bed resting while he is still healing.

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