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Update on Jasmine!

jasmine_hazelFrancis adopted Jasmine, now Hazel, with significant skin allergies.  When we talked with Francis through dogs on the interview, said “I’m not looking for a show dog but a loving companion”.  She had worked with another breed previous to adopting Hazel that tends to be prone to skin allergies and other skin conditions.  Francis took Hazel home and immediately started to work with her vet on getting Hazel’s skin in shape.  She recently wrote to us to say that she cannot put into words how much they love Hazel.  They have cared for some very troubled dogs in the past and Hazel is her reward.  We asked Francis what she had done to get Hazel’s skin under control and she emailed the below steps she took to get her in shape:

1) Worked with vet to test for parasites, infection, fungal, scabies to ensure none of these issues were causing her skin condition.

2) Put her on a limited ingredient restricted diet for several months and limited her treats.

3) Bathed her with a specific shampoo recommended by her vet.

4) Gradually built up her exercise to where she now can run for ten miles at a time.

5) Gave her lots of love.

We appreciate the love and care this special home has given Hazel and allowed her to develop to her full potential.  We hope this helps educate potential adopters on working with a dog with a skin condition and always recommend working with your vet to ensure your dog is treated for his or her specific needs.

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