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Update on Kenda (aka Sugar) – the most loving dog

Last year Sugar, now known as Kenda, was rescued from a local shelter. She had a skin issue that needed to be treated prior to her being spayed and adopted to a great family. Dan recently sent this update,”I wanted to give an update on Kenda, (formally known as Sugar). We adopted her last summer after she begged me to take her home with us. We have always had Labs and thought they were the sweetest dogs around. Kenda taught me otherwise quickly. She is the most loving dog I have ever known. When inside, she is always by my side. If I sit, she’s curled up in my lap like a 5 pound lap dog. If I lay down to watch TV, she stretches out next to me. When outside, it’s game on. She loves to run, mountain bike, swim, play fetch and of course chase birds until she cant run anymore. I attached a photo from our recent trip to Lake Havasu. You can see she also loves boating. I think she likes swimming after dragonflies almost as much as chasing birds and rabbits. I’m sure others would disagree but I’m pretty sure she’s the best dog ever. Thank you for saving her from the shelter.” It’s always nice hearing from adopters who feel the way they do about their adopted dogs as Dan feels.┬áThank you, Dan!

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