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Update On Rex aka Spot The Wonder Dog

rex lorcan GSP catFinding cat friendly GSPs can be a challenge. When we do find them there are often unforeseen obstacles that will need to be overcome.  In the best interest of the dog (and cat), not just any GSP can be adopted out to a family with a cat. After evaluating the dogs to see how they will behave around cats, we then look for a family that is committed and capable of properly introducing the two. While Rex aka Spot didn’t initially show much interest in cats when evaluated, that soon changed when he got settled into his new adopted home. We’re happy to report that Sam and Nancy have remained committed to making it work and recently shared the following update:

“We just wanted to send you the latest on Rex the wonder dog, a.k.a Spot. He is working his way into our home, family and hearts. He loves the backyard and spends much of his time chasing things into the bushes and sunbathing in the driveway. When he is inside he spends his time looking out the window or snuggled up between us on the couch. He is definitely making himself at home and seems to look forward to belly rubs and snuggling in the evenings. Even things on the cat front are starting to relax a little. We don’t ever leave them alone, as he still gets tense around her, but every day we see a little more improvement. I think the biggest improvement we have seen is that we can break his focus on her, when he starts to point at her we can say no and he backs down.

Things that we did to get us to this point with the cat? I would say the biggest thing that seems to have helped is we created a safe haven for the cat. We put her food, litter box and bed in the office and the office door has a cat door that only she can go through, this has probably been the biggest help. Other things we do is when he points at her we stand between them or sometimes use a water bottle. At first we tried using a muzzle for short periods of time but it seemed like all that did was get him excited like he knew it was time to mingle with the kitty. I wouldn’t say to not try a muzzle, I am just saying they are incredible smart dogs and it doesn’t take long for them to put things together. Lastly I would say the biggest contributing factors to harmony in our home is – time and patience.

In other areas, he walks great on a leash until he sees another dog then he gets aggressive – something we are working on everyday. Sam walks him in the mornings and I walk him in the evenings so he gets lots of practice.

Rex is a great dog and loves people and loves to please. Thanks so much for bringing us all together”.

Nancy, Sam, Lorcan and Rex

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