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Update on Riley

riley_dockWe recently received an update on Liam, now Riley, from his “grandparents” Jan and Bob. Jan and Bob are also California GSP Rescue Adopters – adopting Bailey (Rolo) a couple of years ago! The family has had GSP’s for many years, and Riley’s adopter, Joel, is a third generation GSP parent!

As we found out from Bob, Liam is now “living the life of Riley” in his new home. On the days when Joel has to work very long hours, Riley visits his friends at doggy day care, which he loves! When Joel is home, Riley has a great time playing ball and stalking the ducks and birds on the nearby lake – quite a great life!

Here is a little of Bob’s “report” on the good life Riley is living, “Jan and I just returned from visiting Joel in Arizona and wanted to let you know that Riley is doing great.  He loves to watch the ducks on the lake through the fence, and although Riley likes to go swimming he is not a jumper, so he stays on his side of the fence.  Riley is definitely showing us that he is in fact a bird dog.  Migratory Canadian Geese (along with ducks, etc.) can be found on the lake, and Riley wants to make sure we know that these birds are there.  Riley on “his” boat dock, keeps tabs on the geese and ducks on “his” lake.

When we take Riley to day care, you cannot believe how excited he is to get there.  He has a bunch of friends, and the facility has a large pool for the dogs which he loves”.

Nothing makes us happier than to receive these wonderful updates from our adopters!

Be sure to check out our Facebook Page throughout the day, as we will posting some of the photos of Liam living the “Life of Riley”!

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