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Update on Star

Star California GSP Rescue loves hearing from all adopters, but there are some adopters we especially love hearing from. Ron and Kathy adopted their Senior GSP Star from California GSP Rescue a few years back and report that she is still doing well. Ron, Kathy and Star are still quite active. Star has needed a little extra attention lately, but Ron and Kathy are more than happy to give her what she needs. They sent the following update:

“Just thought I would give you an update on Star…who at this time is doing very well, especially for an old girl with hip dysplasia!

We were quite worried about Star beginning at the end of June, having issues with walking and balance as well as her rear legs giving out on her.

We decided once we were back in Vegas, we would begin the therapy treatment of “Adequan Canine”. Not sure if you have any experience with it, but had heard about the therapy from friends in San Diego that have a husky that had injured himself running.

We began the therapy the first of July, which entails two injections a week for one month, then two a month and then she’ll be evaluated on Saturday to see how we will continue the process.

Adequan is an injectable solution used to control the signs of degenerative joint disease and traumatic arthritis, and there apparently are no ill side effects to the kidneys or liver. It is administered by intramuscular injection.

Thought we would let you know about this treatment that is available. We were told it doesn’t always help, but in Star’s case, it certainly has!”

Thank you Ron and Kathy for adopting Star and giving her such a great home!

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