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Walker (A575790) is Safe!

Walker_A575790w64A few weeks back Walker showed up in a high kill shelter in Southern California – one of the shelters California GSP Rescue knows doesn’t have a high adoption rate but always has plenty of dogs coming in.

The day Walker became available, one of our volunteers was at the shelter a few minutes after they opened. However, so were several other people wanting Walker. The shelter held a raffle and Simone, one of the other people that showed up, won. The volunteer politely introduced themselves and offered the Rescue’s support should she have any questions or issues. In addition, Simone was invited to attend Saturday Obedience Training at the Rescue. Simone thanked the volunteer and said she would be in touch if she needed any help.

That was Wednesday. Late on Saturday, Simone contacted the volunteer to let them know that she wasn’t sure she was the right person for Walker. He obviously hadn’t had much training and wasn’t well mannered. What’s more, after exercising him for 3 hours he was just as crazy with energy as when they had first started. Simone was concerned because she worked during the week and didn’t think she had the time needed to exercise him. She graciously asked if California GSP Rescue could help and the GSP Rescue volunteer humbly answered that we could help find Walker a new home. Plans were made to meet and while Walker had been safe while he was with Simone, he was one step closer to his forever home!

A big thanks to Simone and helping save Walker. While she came to the realization early on that she didn’t have the time to exercise and train a GSP, not so many individuals would have come to that conclusion quite as quickly. Shelters do not vet adopters nor do they educate interested parties about the breed. With a shortage of kennels, their focus is to make sure they have an open kennel for the dog that is about to show up. If it is a GSP, it will be on our radar.

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