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Wally is Still Kickin!

WallyWe are lucky enough to have adopters that come back to us over time to adopt their new family member.  Marianne and her husband adopted a great one-eyed dog named Wally from us years ago.  Marianne is considering adding another GSP to her family and wanted us to see how well Wally is doing at 17 years old!

Wally came to us with one eye after a hunting accident.  His former owner no longer wanted him with one eye, but Marianne knew that his one eye would not deter him from being a great dog.  Marianne just loves this “gentleman”,  and often tells us how well he is doing.  We are so impressed that not only has Wally lived this long, but her female also lived to a similar age.

We thought you all may enjoy looking at a 17 year old GSP and how great they age!

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