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We Love Rescue Dogs – And the People Who Adopt Them!

It’s no surprise: at California GSP Rescue, we LOVE dogs! But even more, we love the people who adopt our dogs! Our adopters are some pretty special people. They adopt three-legged dogs and blind dogs. They adopt dogs who have broken legs, have allergies, and who have seizures. Our adopters take on dogs who have endless energy, and those that spin. They adopt the crazy puppies who keep them up at night, and they adopt the mellow seniors knowing their time will be short, but special. Our adopters even take on dogs knowing they will need special behavioral training or medical care.

Now, it might sound like our Rescue Dogs are a pretty imperfect lot. Well, that’s true. Our adopters take a chance on them anyway, and turn them into a perfect-for-me kind of dog. They turn them into family members who are appreciated for who they are. Our adopters work with their dogs to change what they can and they accept what can’t be changed. A California GSP Rescue adopter is a wise person who knows that the love of a good dog is worth some work and maybe some sacrifices. Most of our adopters know that “stubborn”, “sneaky”, “opinionated”, and “manipulative” come with the territory – and wouldn’t have it any other way.  A GSP has character, and a GSP adopter must be up for that challenge! No compliant couch potatoes here!

And what about our first-time GSP adopters – those who have never had the breed before. Well, they are extra-special adopters. Even though we tell them they have a lot of exercise ahead, will be challenged and tested by a dog trying to see how far they can push them, and that they will never go to the bathroom alone again – they still adopt a GSP! Often, they even come back for more!

Yes, we love our dogs, and the special people who adopt them! Furthermore, without your support we would not be able to continue to exist. 

Please consider becoming a Rescue Hero, by setting up a once a month recurring donation of any amount that will help feed, provide shelter and offset medical expenses for the dogs in our care until they find their forever people.

Learn more how you can become a Rescue Hero here. Yes! I want to become a Rescue Hero!


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