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We’re Bananas for Agave!

Banana Dog Agave GSP Rescue CaliforniaToday is National Banana Day! A day to get a little silly and have some fun. If you have a German Shorthaired Pointer, you know what we are talking about! We are more than just a little excited, perhaps bananas, for Agave and a chance to find her a home!

Agaves and bananas are as different as apples and oranges, but Agave is bananas for balls! She loves playing soccer or just running around the field with a tennis ball. Definitely not a couch potato – but there aren’t many GSPs that are couch potatoes! She’s going to need a home with someone that has a lot of time to exercise her.

Agave is smart. Not from eating bananas but GSP smart. While she won’t go over a fence, she is smart enough to figure out out to pop a latch and walk out. Not too difficult to control if you have a carabiner to help. Just know, she is smarter than your average dog and possibly most children as she has been known to figure out a rubik’s cube! She, like most small children, has also been able to figure out a few adults too working them until she manages to get what she wants. She’ll need a strong figure that can set and maintain boundaries.

Want to go bananas too, and help us find a home for Agave?!? Stop by Banana Dang in Oceanside or Augies in Redlands (State Street) and pick up a postcard to mail to a someone that might be able to provide her a home! You can also go bananas and wear one of our limited edition “Bananas For Pointers” t-shirts now on sale for a limited time in our gift shop. All proceeds from the shirt will go to help find Agave a forever home!


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