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What You Don’t Know About Chase

Chase_dsc_0431_w64Chase came to us after his owners surrendered him to a shelter at 8 years old.  We couldn’t understand how this magnificent dog wound up in this predicament after spending most of his life with a family.

We were told by the shelter that his owners said he had become dominant, but we did not see that side of Chase until recently.  After spending some time monitoring and evaluating Chase with other dogs and people, what you don’t know about Chase is that we discovered that Chase may have possibly been mistreated or frightened by a human at one time.

As our volunteers have been working with Chase, they have uncovered that Chase responds very well with a gentle hand.  He accepts a hug and affection well when he knows he is not being threatened.  He has done well in the field with other dogs, but we are not sure if he lived with another dog before, as he gets a little uneasy if one of the dogs bumps into him.

What you don’t know about Chase, is that he has the potential to trust humans again.  Chase would do best going to a home with a caring, patient, kind and gentle person, who will give Chase the time and reassurance he so desperately needs to feel loved, safe and secure in his environment.  Chase needs love and a gentle hand to help him overcome his past so he can have a bright future!

Learn more about Chase here.  If you feel that you would be a good home for Chase, please apply here.



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