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What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

New Years ResolutionIf you are like many of us, that New Year’s Resolution to eat healthier, workout, etc. may have already had a few set-backs! How would you like to make a resolution that will take care of itself – no effort from you beyond the initial sign-up. This easy – and meaningful – resolution is to become a RESCUE HERO.

What is a Rescue Hero? A Rescue Hero gives each month to help GSPs and GSP mixes in need. At CA GSP Rescue, knowing we have pledges for donations every month makes it an easy decision to say “Yes” to a dog in a shelter with a medical need. We don’t have to go on a campaign to get pledges, or worry the money won’t be there when the vet bills come. When notified of a GSP in need, we can just go and get it – because of our RESCUE HEROES!

How much does a Rescue Hero need to donate each month? Every amount is welcome, and every amount helps us plan for expenses. Even $20/month can pay for medication – and to a dog that needs medication, that’s pretty important! Maybe committing the money you normally spend at the drive-through window, would help you succeed with TWO resolutions!

How is your money spent? Rescue Hero funds are spent on veterinary expenses, costs to bail a dog out of a shelter, food, electricity to heat the kennels, water to fill the pools and clean the kennels, and many of the not-so-glamorous things that go to provide care for the dogs. What it is NOT spent on is board-member salaries! The CA GSP Rescue is run by volunteers.

How do you sign up? It’s easy, and you will only have to do it once! Follow the RESCUE HERO link for the easiest New Year’s Resolution you’ve tried yet!

Thank you for your support to allow us to continue doing what we do!


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