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Whitney (A4482830) is safe!

Some things will never make any sense. For instance, Whitney, who in a previous life was named White Girl. Who names their dog “White Girl”? But then again, who buys a GSP to hunt, never does any training, and expects the dogs to hunt? Then again who takes their GSP to the shelter because she urinates in the house? Not just any shelter – a kill shelter. A death sentence because, most likely, the owner didn’t take the time or effort to do any house training. Being an owner turn in, the shelters are required to hold the dogs for any specific amount of time which leaves us to work within an unspecified amount of time. After not being adopted over the holiday weekend, we started to work getting her out and yesterday Whitney was rescued! A big thanks to all the adopters and donors that help support our efforts. Without you, it wouldn’t be possible.

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