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Whitney is Adopted!

Whitney Nika Drew DebbieWhen Andrew and Gabby applied to adopt a dog from us, they were certain that they wanted a black and white GSP.  At the time, we didn’t have a dog that fit that description, but they were willing to wait for however long it took.

Then Whitney came along, and we contacted Andrew and Gabby right away.  They made the long drive out to meet Whitney, and they fell in love with not only his coloring, but his amazing personality.  It was no surprise, after their interaction with him, that they took him home.

We have received an update from Andrew, and we couldn’t be happier!

“We wanted to send you a quick message and let you know how our GSP is doing, whom we have named Shadow. HE IS AWESOME! We absolutely love him. We named him Shadow, not only because of his black color, but because he follows us around like a shadow, and when he runs across the grass at night, he looks like a shadow passing.

He is fantastic off-leash! We have a nice, big enclosed park down a path from our house in which dogs are allowed in the evenings. Shadow gets along FANTASTIC with other dogs he meets, and everyone marvels at his speed. He loves playing frisbee, and he is a total gentle love-bug, with excellent melt-in-your-arms cuddling skills.

He and Ebeneezer (our cat) are also infatuated with each other. Ebeneezer, by the way, is definitely a one-of-a-kind cat. I think I might have told you, we have had various types of animals over the years from ferrets to bearded dragons, to other cats, and with each, he does everything he can to become best friends. Unfortunately, not many of them have shared the sentiment. Basically he walks very sensually up to the animal, whatever it is, gets all goggly eyes, and starts purring and rubbing on surrounding objects. Now I think he has finally captured the attention he has always been seeking from another animal – Shadow is fascinated with him”.

We love this adoption story!  Thank you Andrew and Gabby for choosing rescue, and for your patience waiting for just the right dog for your family.  We think it paid off!

Watch our Facebook Page for more photos of Shadow since he checked out of the rescue!

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