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Whitney is Safe!

Whitney A4667655aOne of the other dogs California GSP Rescue was monitoring the week we learned of Roger Dog, was Whitney. Listed as a black and white male GSP Mix and looking in so sad in the image we were sent, we didn’t think he would be available after the holding period. However, unlike the other shelter strays that were being tracked,

Whitney was an owner relinquishment. What many people that turn their dogs into the shelters do not realize is the shelters do not have to hold owner relinquishment as they are required to hold strays. Once the shelter receives a signature on the relinquishment, it is up to their discretion on what to do with the dog. In many cases, the dogs can be deemed not adoptable due to how they react in a high stress environment or if they get sick – which isn’t uncommon in shelters. ¬†Fortunately, Whitney didn’t get sick and we were able to communicate with the shelter that we were interested in him when he was made available to rescue – some shelters will hold dogs for the public to adopt before releasing to a rescue.

Volunteer Elisabeth frequently visits the shelter Whitney was being held and made plans to go by when she was made available. A few days later, Elisabeth made the trip to transport Whitney to safety and one step closer to his forever home. A big thanks to our regular Volunteer Elisabeth who can be counted on to figure out a way to make it to the shelter to save a dog!

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