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Why Do We Care About Dogs?

Razz dsc_0077w64Why Do We Care?

The California GSP Rescue is often notified about a German Shorthaired Pointer in a shelter, or found as a stray that has encountered some type of injury or illness that would put them in danger of being euthanized or dying on the streets if not for rescue. When this is the case, the California GSP Rescue does not turn away an injured or sick dog, but rather pick up the dog and get them the medical attention they need.

As an all volunteer organization without major funding, we sometimes struggle to make ends meet, especially when we get a number of dogs that need medical attention as we have this past year.

On Saturday, October 10th, we will be participating in the Best Friends Strut Your Mutt Fundraising Event in Los Angeles, California. We are asking for your support for the California GSP Rescue Team to help us raise funds to help with the ongoing medical expenses the rescue incurs on a daily basis.

This year, we had a specific GSP that needed our help.Charlie was rescued by the California GSP Rescue after he was picked up as a stray. The shelter knew who his owners were, as they had come to get Charlie four months prior, when he had escaped their yard. However, this time, there was something new: Charlie was missing his rear paw. The shelter inquired about the injury and were told that Charlie got it caught in a wire or rope and, although he was freed, there was injury to the paw. The owner didn’t seek medical care and Charlie got rid of the thing that was causing him so much pain – he chewed off his own paw. The owner declined to claim Charlie this time, and Rescue was notified, and we wasted no time getting Charlie the medical attention he needed.

Why Do We Care?

We care because of the brave dogs that came to us like Charlie, Razz, Roger Dog, Karl, Ramp, Roxy, Flash and the beloved Elvis. There is no greater feeling than to see a dog who came to us broken and homeless, being a part of helping them with their recovery, and the ultimate reward in the end from our efforts, of watching them go to their forever home, and knowing you made a difference.

Charlie dsc_6663w64    Elvis 2

We Need Your Help!

Please consider making a tax deductible donation towards our team. No amount is too small and will go towards helping pay for one of the largest expenses we incur. Vet bills.

Thank you for your support.  We could not continue to do what we do without you.

With our sincere gratitude,

Charlie, and the California GSP Rescue Team of Volunteers

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