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Wilbur wants to go on a hike

When Wilbur’s foster family took him in, they had planned on taking him for leisurely walks to help him maintain his perfect new weight. Wilbur has a much younger foster GSP sister and brother who go for very vigorous hikes each day. His foster mom, considering Wilbur’s age, assumed she would take him for a neighborhood walk while her husband took the younger dogs on the hillside trails. Wilbur had other plans. He started to line up at the front door with the other dogs when it was time to go for a hike. So, his foster dad decided to give him a chance. He started out on shorter hikes, but now goes the distance with the other two! Foster mom says each hike is followed by a really long nap, but that Wilbur is loving being part of the pack!

Wilbur is pictured between Ruby and Harvey, just waiting to go for a hike!

Senior GSPs like Wilbur are loving, well-behaved, mellow, and can be great hiking or walking companions. Won’t you consider giving one a home? You will be amazed at how much you get in return.


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