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Willy: Enjoying life in his new foster home

Willy is the sweetest little guy ever. He has the face of an old wise dog but the muscular build and personality of a puppy. He’s a solid, healthy, happy dog. I was tied up with family matters when my husband and 7 year old son (dog lovers to the T) headed out to the rescue to meet Willy.  We didn’t know anything about him other than the fact he had been in the kennel for a long time and we happily committed to making his life a little more enjoyable by bringing him home to our growing farm.

At the rescue our two dogs; Hanna, a black lab mix(some say she might have a little pointer in her) and Bailey, a shepherd mix ran around and introduced themselves to everyone. Our dogs took a liking to Willy all on their own and soon the three of them were exploring the yard together and playing in the pool like best friends. Even my son got a few welcomed kisses and in return he offered up some gentle scratches behind his ears. Not long after the boys loaded up the car with all three pups in the back, they laid down right away and settled in as if we had done all this before. My two doggies didn’t seem to mind that we were bringing their new friend with us in the car, in fact they snuggled quite close to him as he gently rested his head and looked peacefully out the window.

When they got home I was able to take a minute and come up and greet them. All three dogs came happily out of the car and ran through the yard; Willy bouncing after Hanna and Bailey eagerly looking forward to exploring this new land.  And BOY did they explore! There were birds, butterflies, lizards, bunnies and goats GALORE!! I don’t think Willy knew what he was getting himself into when he happily jumped in the back of our car but he certainly didn’t seem to mind all the wonderful new smells and sights.

Which reminds me, Willy is a sniffer. My husband’s GSP used to have such a strong nose that we called her our vacuum and Willy here has a similar schnoz on him. He immediately checked every nook and cranny in my home, which to be honest probably has a nice sized collection of stale crumbs from any one of my three children. Then as he nonchalantly pranced across the room he stopped dead in his tracks and pointed in perfect form. At what might you ask? His own reflection in our flat screen television!

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