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Willy’s Foster Journal: A lap dog. Who knew?

On one of his first nights at his foster home, Willy decided to pace through the house before bed. His foster mom writes: “He comes bounding through the bedroom door and up onto the bed, gives me some more kisses and love while Eric jumps up from his computer desk and shuts our bedroom door. We thought, this would solve the problem of him pacing the house, now he is sure to settle down in the room. Wrong.

Willy continued to circle the room starting with looking longingly out the screen door(which is now locked thanks to Hanna spreading the word that it can be opened with their nose) to the bed smothering me with affection, to the closet, to the floor and back again. At some point during his rounds he took a short cut to the screen door; directly under Eric’s feet and computer desk through all his cables and cords.  If you know my husband you would be holding your breath right about now.

Eric was gentle with him and guided him gently through the first time. But the second and third time around he was getting frustrated. Finally in an act of exasperation Eric pushed his chair back giving Willy room to walk in front of him without having to go under the table. Instead of walking past Eric, Willy jumped immediately into his lap licking his chin.  A lap dog…. just what Eric loves.

OH the pictures dont even do it justice!  It was a crack up! Eric holding a squirming dog in his lap. Every time he thought Willy was squirming to get down and would go to set him on the ground Willy would jump back up. So it was decided he was just squirming to get more comfortable on Eric’s lap. Low and behold with a little ear rubbing and back supporting Willy was soon sound asleep overflowing Eric’s lap. We laughed and giggled at the flashbacks of having to rock our babies to sleep and then somehow put them down on the bed with waking them up. We had the very same thoughts going through our minds now. The last thing we wanted was to wake him up again and have him start circling the house/room….again. Luckily He eventually woke up Eric set him down gently and he came over to his “spot” on the floor by my nightstand and fell sound asleep. A lap dog, who knew?

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