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Willy’s Foster Journal: Day 1

When I came in to greet Willy I first noticed his little tail wiggle a  million miles a minute.  How can a tiny tail have so much personality?? If he had a propeller attached, I think he would take off. I tried to get him to sit and I swear his biggest struggle was the wiggling tail that seemed to just have a mind of its own.   I sat down on the floor to inspect him and allow him to inspect me, little did I know that when you get down on his level its fair game! One gentle scratch to his token GSP spots on his back and he leans his body into you and practically collapses in your lap.

Later, while we were watching him inspect our living room, he attempted to climb into a large chair that is typically claimed by our Lab mix; Hanna.  He put one paw up then attempted to jump with his back legs – and face planted into the crack of the seat cushion and back of the chair! My children burst into laughter and poor Willy clumsily turned himself around and curled into a little ball, seemingly embarrassed.  Then, when he attempted to dismount, moments later, the same clumsy moves almost resulted in a scene similar to Bambi skating on the ice in the old classic Disney movie (we have hardwood floors in our home). Come evening time we felt guilty even considering putting him in a cage to sleep while the other two are snuggled up by our feet on the bed. We put a baby gate (we have plenty of them throughout our home seeing as we have a very active one year old) in our bedroom doorway assuming, as clumsy as he was that if he were to try and jump over a gate landing on slippery hard wood floors we would hear the commotion and wake up, no silent escape possible.  We patted the bed and immediately all THREE doggies jumped up and got comfortable. I woke up once during the night and he was rummaging through my side of the closet, probably sniffing out old smells from a cat we recently lost who used to sleep in the closet. Poor Willy probably thought there was a cat hiding somewhere behind all the clothes.  I called him back up on the bed and after crushing me with his signature collapse when scratched in the right spot he settled down and fell back to sleep.

All in all, Willy’s first day involved greeting the goats, who were very eager to check him out.  He chased birds around in our yard left and right.  He snuggled up with our dogs in the sun watching the clouds go by.  He played fetch with my kids and stole a cherished stuffed polar bear while their backs were turned (Note to self: hide all stuffed animals when bringing in new dogs). He fit in quite well for a dog that isn’t used to so much attention.  Boy did he get a lot today!   My  7, 4 and 1 year old children have ALL smothered him with kisses and hugs and the entire time hes sat there wiggling his tail happily enjoying the invasion of his personal space.  They have tugged his ears, pushed on his back and even grabbed his tail and not once has he snapped at them with aggression.   I see eagerness and brilliance in those soulful eyes. He is a sweet, gentle boy with such a youthful spirit; he is a very special GSP looking for a very special family.

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