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Wrigley is a Water Dog!

Wrigley_spash_DSC_9232w64When it is warm out, most dogs will at least get their paws wet to help cool off. However, we always find it entertaining when there is a dog like Wrigley that cannot get enough of the water. Whether it is chasing the water coming out of a hose or trying to catch the water that is splashing around the kiddie pool, Wrigley cannot get enough.

We’ll try to distract him with a rope toy or ball, but when he starts getting warm, he’s back in the kiddie pool. The best part is that you do not need to have a large pool – a small kiddie pool in the backyard will work! One word of warning though… be sure to check to see the sprinklers do not come on when Wrigley is outside!

Learn more about this fun loving boy here.

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