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Wyatt Is Adopted!

Wyatt waited a long time for Kitty. He needed a special person who was patient and kind, and willing to work with him to help him thrive, and bring out the dog he was meant to be.

Wyatt has not had an easy life. Relinquished to a kill shelter by his owner thinking he was going to be adopted, when in fact the majority of the animals will be euthanized. Especially dangerous for an older dog like Wyatt. Fortunately, he was relinquished to a shelter that is regularly monitored by California GSP Rescue. We were aware a short time after the owner drove away that there was a purebred GSP sitting in a kennel. Knowing he wasn’t the younger more adoptable dog, we wasted no time, and sent out requests to pull and transport him to safety.

Wyatt was adopted shortly after he came into rescue, but was unfortunately brought back to us because he was developing some over protective behavior that his new family was unable to manage.  Wyatt remained with us for quite a while, waiting for the right home that could work with him when encountering and introducing him to new people.

Then Kitty came along. She applied to adopt an adult dog to be a companion for her after losing her beloved GSP, Milo to cancer.  She had all of the qualities we were looking for with a dog like Wyatt, and were confident with her experience and willingness to help a project dog, that she could be the perfect home for him.

We presented Wyatt to Kitty, and she was over the moon excited to meet him. He was exactly what she was looking for. He was the only dog she wanted to meet. We set up the appointment, and they made an immediate connection. We had no doubt that Kitty was going to be Wyatt’s forever home.

Wyatt now has a new name to go with his new life. Kitty tells us she renamed him “Mr. Beauford o’ Rossi Villa, aka Milo Too. It’s Beaux for short”.  We are thrilled for both Beaux and Kitty, and have received several updates from Kitty that we wanted to share with you.

“Wyatt is awesome. Ride home was great, first walk great, first meal, great, first night GREAT. Wyatt is a BIG love bug. I cannot tell you how good he is, listens to me, responds to me. my experience with Greg was great. I cannot think of any other words that are not superlative ones! He is truly a wonderful dog. I cannot imagine why the two homes to went to prior to mine had such issues. NO IDEA WHY. From the very beginning, I did not sense any ‘bad’ behavior about to erupt. I am so grateful for the work you do that brought us together. When I first saw him at the kennel, my heart broke, but my heart opened to him immediately. I knew I was there to save a life, so I brought him home where he is saving my life. Grateful he is with me now in his forever home. So grateful to you & all the volunteers at CA-GSP Rescue. I will continue to give you updates (you might get tired of too many!)

We NEVER tire of these updates, and WE are truly grateful for you, Kitty for opening up your heart and your home to Wyatt.  Enjoy your new life of hiking, taking beach walks and getting a whole lot of love Beaux. We couldn’t be happier for you!


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