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You Don’t Have to be pure GSP to be AWESOME!

Bailey_DSC_0002w64At GSP Rescue, we sometimes take a GSP Mix into our program. We do this when the dog has enough GSP characteristics that we think we can help find it a home (after all, no one comes to our site looking for an akita or chihuahua!). Bailey is one of those dogs. She is part GSP in her looks, but all GSP in her attitude! She loves water, loves to play, and is as affectionate as any GSP could be- she even has one of those cute little bobbed tails!

Bailey is looking for a home that can help her exercise, give her opportunities to play with other dogs, commit to training her as she is still a puppy at heart, and maybe even buy a little plastic swimming pool for her to splash in. She also requires inexpensive eye drops in one eye now and again, but this doesn’t affect her at all.

Learn more about Bailey here! If you might be the home for Bailey, please apply here to meet this sweet girl!


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