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You Have To Meet Phoenix!

PhoenixYou have to meet Phoenix!  This is something the volunteers will often tell other volunteers when they are in the field.  Why you may ask?  Because Phoenix is amazing!

Everyone should meet this dog…and most of us would be lucky to have a dog such as Phoenix in our home just once in our lifetime!  He is a chocolate GSP-mix (possibly GSP-lab) and is the kindest, gentlest most people pleasing dog you may ever meet.  He is approximately ten years old but you would never know it. He is out every Saturday running with the dogs, playing with the dogs, grabbing a tennis ball and just basking in the sun, but most importantly he lavishes in the attention of any person that will spend some time with him.

As an added bonus Phoenix just happens to know about every command on a dog’s “must know” list of commands.  He knows down,  sit, shake and stay, and does them all like a professional.

One of the most enjoyable things about Phoenix is when you give him a bath. We have never seen a dog enjoy a bath more than Phoenix does.  He will rub his whole wet smelly body right into you as you bathe him and afterwards he follows you around like you are the best person he’s ever met.  He then goes straight for a pile of dirt to “squirm” his whole body through, laughing at his bather the entire time.

Phoenix is the epitome of a dog that will make you feel like you are the best person that ever existed and you will be his whole world if you can consider adopting this beautiful soul into your home.

Learn more about Phoenix here.

If you have room in your home, and in your heart for this incredible senior guy, please apply here.

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