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Zephyr is Safe!

ZephyrCalifornia GSP Rescue doesn’t know when German Shorthaired Pointers will show up at a shelter needing to be rescued. Notification of a GSP at a shelter can come at anytime and often do. Zephyr was one of them.

Adopted and Returned

We received a message from a local shelter asking if we could help with a GSP that had shown up at their shelter. He had been adopted and returned. Most likely from someone not knowing about the breed but drawn to a purebred dog at the shelter available for adoption.

Aware that any dog at a shelter has a limited amount of time, we readily agreed to help but knew transporting could present a challenge with the Water Park Event the following weekend and the shelter a few hours away. Michelle, the adoption coordinator, was confident that they would find a volunteer on their end to help transport.

Adopted and Returned a Second Time

The next day Michelle emailed us letting us know that the GSP had been adopted, a second time, to someone that was knowledgeable about the breed. Zephyr was safe. We checked him off our list of dogs at the shelter we were monitoring and focused on the event.

Unfortunately, Michelle emailed two days later stating Zephyr had been returned. This time because he was too much for the adopters older dog. His behavior was typical for a young dog, however, old dogs sometimes do not have the patience for playful young dogs. They quickly tire while the younger dogs remain energetic and playful.

Last Minute Opportunity

With the Water Park Event only a few days away and last minute plans being finalized, most of the volunteers would be busy. Concerned for the safety of the GSP, we asked if we could plan on the transport the first part of the week following the event. Michelle, understanding, replied back he was safe until transportation arrangements could be made.

The weekend of the event was a buzz making last minute preparations. All the Volunteers had something to do. Showing up was just one. Fortunately, Richard and Deana, the hosts of the event, had done a good job planning and the event was a success.

While we were at the event, Michelle had been busy looking for a transport and had sent a message letting us know she had found someone. The message, read after the event as we were packing up, let us know that there was a pilot that could fly Zephyr down the following day to a local airport. We didn’t know if we could find anyone on such short notification but knew flying would save time planning and executing a ground transport.

Volunteers Make it Happen

Text messages were sent to volunteers in the area. Some had just left the event. Within a short time, two volunteers had responded they could help. Lauren was one. Being Monday, she had to work and had meetings that would occupy most of her day but would make herself available before and after.

Meeting later worked out for the the pilot. Plans were made to meet at French Valley Airport Monday after Lauren got off work.

Zephyr is Safe

Everything went as planned. Zephyr flew first class on what was probably his first airplane ride (it was reported he was a well behaved passenger) and Lauren, after work, met the pilot. She then, braving afternoon commuter traffic, transported Zephyr to the rescue. Lauren commented on what a good boy Zephyr was during the car ride. She, like so many other volunteers and adopters, was amazed a dog like Zephyr would end up at a shelter.

We’d like to thank Pilots and Paws as well as Derek and his wife for flying Zephyr one step closer to his forever home. Michelle, adoption coordinator, for finding us and reaching out for assistance. Volunteer Lauren for managing her schedule so that she could pick up Zephyr at the airport. Last, but not least, the Rescue Heroes whose monthly donations allow us to say yes to dogs like Zephyr. While Zephyr is in good health and doesn’t need any medical attention, we are able to see he is properly fed and cared for everyday while we find him a forever home.

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